Winter Season: December-April

Choice of Activities & Outdoor Team Events

As winter turns the Allgäu into a white fairytale landscape, we’d like to invite you to fun and action packed activities on ice and snow.

Our adventure- and outdoor – activities can be individually designed to suit your conveniences and desires including team building strategies.

Winter Teamchallenge & ‘Event-Barn’

The “Aktiv Zentrum Jürgen Koch” team welcomes you at the Event-Barn, located near the town of Oberstaufen with a beautiful view over the mountains.


A pot of mulled-wine on a campfire will be waiting to warm you up.


You’ll experience a symbiosis of pure nature adventure, teamwork and physical effort, which will challenge all your senses. A tremendous team-adventure is waiting for you! Every activity challenges the whole team: Trust practice, teamwork training, competition games, problem solving strategies and team behaviour. Rules and leadership will automatically or intentionally be trained in quick reflection rounds.


Depending on the weather conditions we plan to do the following team activities in- or outside our traditional Event-barn:


  • Allgäuer biathlon: archery and snowshoe sprint
  • Long-ski challenge (5 participants on a long pair of skis)
  • Toboggan run
  • Snow tubing (tyre tubes pulled by Quad cycles)
  • Quad cycle ski course (Skier pulled by Quad cycle)
  • Beer crate climbing
  • Allgäuer table football (real-people-table-football)
  • Lumberjack Olympics (nailing, cow milking, sawing, rubber boot throwing….) 

All tasks will be manageable for all attendees. The more athletic challenges do not have to be performed by every team mate, should someone not feel up for it.

After all stations have been graded, an award ceremony will take place where all certificates will be handed over to the winners.

Allgäuer buffet: Food & beverages (as desired).

You can enjoy traditional Bavarian music performed either by a live band (optional; costs extra) or played back form CD (free).

Team Training and Team Modules

During theory, our coaches and moderators place the emphasis on discussed subjects and goals they wish to achieve. The tasks are presented, supervised and reflected by the guides. The findings can be reviewed, supplemented and introduced into the workplace of your company.


Individual combinable team modules are flexibly applicable for indoor- and outdoor interactive exercises and study projects. Simplistic and meaningful activities successfully engage and excite everyone involved. This way topics and goals such as communication training, project management, management training etc. can be comprehended with all your senses.


We can offer a selection of the following team modules upon consultation:

(depending on budget, time slot and weather conditions):


  • Team Beam (warm up)
  • Magic Wand (warm up)
  • Flying Carpet (warm up)
  • 3D-Puzzle • Ball Transport
  • Blind Square • Gordian Knot
  • CIP (continuous improvement process)
  • Walking-A
  • Leonardo’s Bridge
  • Pipeline
  • Acid Pond
  • Spider Web
  • Team Navigator
  • Tower of Power
  • Zig Zag and lots more.

Snowshoe Trekking

You will be hiking with special snow trekking shoes over snow-covered fields, hills and trough forests. On this very impressive tour (especially for beginners) you will experience nature in its full glory.

Depending on your request and condition, the tour is going to take around 2-4 hours. It is up to you to define the extent of the tour in advance, everybody can easily cope with this task.

For a nice cup of tea or mulled wine, a snack or just to recharge your batteries we can have a break in one of our beautiful alp restaurants or traditional allgäuer cottages.

Schneeschuhtour 003-D

Snowshoe Trekking & Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is a a fast and blood pumping experience (sledding downhill in a tire tube); in our opinion a perfect combination with snow-trekking-tours. Nature and excitement!

Snowtubing 002
Schneeschuhtour 002-D

Curling Tournament

The ice rink with its bistro/bar is surrounded by the scenic Staufenpark. Average time for a competition is around 2 hours and is always great fun. Especially exciting is a tournament at night time.

Contentheader Aktivzentrum Winter 03

Night Hiking & Mulled Wine on the Campfire

Duration is about 1-2 hours.

Toboggan Down the Hill

From the little mountain village Steibis, a cable car will take you up to 1.400 metres. Alternatively there is the possibility of hiking up the mountain using snow trekking shoes. Imberg ski resort offers 3 kilometres of non-stop downhill toboggan slopes. You will have the time of your life while scorching down the hill on your rented sled. For your convenience a stopover for food and drinks can be arranged.

Nordic Walking Orienteering

Nordic walking is similar to Nordic skiing, just without the skis and independent of the weather condition.

Ski Bob

The Ski Bob is a bit like a pushbike for snow. You are sitting comfortable in the saddle. However, instead of wheels, the snow-bob utilises skids (skis) to toboggan down the hill. For stability little skis are attached to your feet. Great fun!

A minimum of 10 persons is required for this event!

Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross Country Skiing

Professional skiing coaches will instruct individually according to your skills.

From beginner to advanced. There is the possibility to rent equipment should you not have your own. Rental is not included in price and must be taken care off in advance.