Summer Season: April-October/November

Choice of Activities & Outdoor Team Events

Team Training and Team Modules

During theory, our coaches and moderators place the emphasis on discussed subjects and goals they wish to achieve. The tasks are presented, supervised and reflected by the guides. The findings can be reviewed, supplemented and introduced into the workplace of your company.

Individual combinable team modules are flexibly applicable for indoor- and outdoor interactive exercises and study projects. Simplistic and meaningful activities successfully engage and excite everyone involved. This way topics and goals such as communication training, project management, management training etc. can be comprehended with all your senses.

We can offer a selection of following team modules upon consultation:

(depending on budget, time slot and weather conditions):

  • Team Beam (warm up)
  • Magic Wand (warm up)
  • Flying Carpet (warm up)
  • 3D-Puzzle
  • Ball Transport
  • Blind Square
  • Gordian Knot
  • CIP (continuous improvement process)
  • Walking-A
  • Leonardo’s Bridge
  • Pipeline
  • Acid Pond
  • Spider Web
  • Team Navigator, Tower of Power
  • Zig Zag and lots more.

Teamchallenge in and around the „Event-Barn“, followed by a traditional „Barn-Night“

The “Aktiv Zentrum Jürgen Koch” team welcomes you at the Event-Barn, located near the town of Oberstaufen with a beautiful view over the mountains.

On our team course you’ll experience a symbiosis of pure nature adventure, teamwork and physical effort, which will challenge all your senses. A tremendous team-adventure is waiting for you! Every acitivity challenges the whole team: Trust practice, teamwork training, competition games, problem solving strategies and team behaviour. Rules and leadership will automatically or intentionally be trained in quick reflection rounds.

Depending on the weather conditions we plan to do the following team activities in- or outside the traditional Event-barn:

  • Allgäuer biathlon: archery and sprint
  • Long-ski challenge (5 participants on a long pair of skis)
  • Quad-bike course
  • Beer crate climbing
  • Allgäuer table football (real-people-table-football)
  • Lumberjack Olympics (nailing, cow milking, sawing, rubber boot throwing…)


Every team has a short break in between stations to get drinks or to cheer for other teams.

All tasks will be manageable for all attendees. The more athletic challenges do not have to be performed by every team mate, should someone not feel up for it.

After all stations have been graded, an award ceremony will take place where certificates will be handed over to the winners.

Allgäuer buffet: Food & beverages (as desired)

You can enjoy traditional Bavarian music performed either by a live band (optional; costs extra) or played back form CD.

Soapbox-Event at the „Event-Barn“

A great atmosphere is present in and around our Event Barn near Oberstaufen in the Allgäu. Our Barn is located on a beautiful hill, surrounded by grass and trees – the perfect location for team activities and a special way of team training. Welcoming of the participants by experienced team coaches.

Every team works on the following projects:


  • Designing of a team logo / creating advertisements
  • Pit stop (change of wheels and refueling)
  • Assembling a high-tech cart (soap box racing car).
  • After the evaluation of the results by our guides, the exciting „race stage“ will begin: Cart-race in a skill challenging course with single- and team timing.
  • Our Jeep will transport the soapboxes from the finish line to the start
  • Goal is to improve upon: organization, teamwork, skills, coordination
  • The team-exercise will end with a reflection, either as an entertaining competition or as a team encouraged initiative. At the end there will be a Formula-1-awards-ceremony with a bottle of Prosecco. The criterions we will estimate after are: fastest racer, fastest team with the least penalties, fastest pit-stop, and most creative team.


A modern version of treasure hunt (paper chase) with GPS devices. The task is to find hidden spots by given geographical coordinates.

The first given coordinate is entered into the device, which leads the way towards the next location. Then at the location you will have to search and find the cache (treasure) containing the coordinates for the next waypoint. Depending on the given time slot our tours consist 10-15 waypoints.

A geocaching can be combined with our team training modules, which have to be mastered by the teams on some of the waypoints.

Duration: 2-4 hours



Experience in a group (6 to 30 participants) an extraordinary and unique team event.


This taster course will show various percussion techniques and rhythms using miscellaneous drums and rhythm instruments:

Cajon, conga, bongo, african djembe, timbal, Rototom, cowbell and many more


Before long, an unaided drum and percussion orchestra will form playing a self composed piece of music, which feeds on the power and dynamics of the participants.


Rafting & Building of Hightech Rafts in a Team

A thrilling white water experience on a quaint mountain, foothills river (WWW 1.5-3.5):

All rafting equipment (wetsuit, neoprene socks, paddle, helmet, life jacket) will be provided.

Instruction will be given by experienced guides – once completed off you go, through wildly romantic gorges and water bird paradises on an easy to moderately difficult white water rafting course.

Depending on the water level and condition are a variety of boat types available: 1 person kayaks, 2-3 man self-driving trek boats (canoes) or large rafting boats (8-9 people).

Team exercises and activities can be conducted depending on the tour/weather (e. g. cliff diving, swimming rapids).



Constructing and navigating a high tech raft.

Working in small teams your task will be to build your own high-tech raft out of the given materials. The building process is supervised by our skilled guides. Once the construction process is completed the raft will be put to the test and navigated down the river. Each raft will contain 5-6 passengers who will have to master tricky and narrow channels, moderate rapids and undergo challenging manoeuvres in the course of the river.


Rivers:             Iller, Bregenzerach, Lech

Duration:           5-6 hours (on the water: 2.5 to 3.5 hours)

Season              May to October


An unforgettable experience of nature, far away from everyday life. The equipment consists of a wetsuit, helmet and climbing harness. After an intensive introduction by our qualified and trained guides for climbing aids, rope techniques and practices, the tour begins.

Novice Tour in “Gunzesrieder Tobel”:

This gorge is particularly suitable for beginners. The parallel trails are accessible from all points. In Water, partly up to your ankles, sometimes waist-high you will make your way through the canyon. You will crawl over tree trunks, climb over rocks/boulders, up to 6 various jumps and dives from 2-8 meters height into deep pools are possible depending on water level, three fascinating absail spots (9-14-16 meters) and two natural water slides.

Advanced Tour in the “Starzlachklamm”:

The Starzlachklamm is a large canyon of superlatives. Closely surrounded by rock faces, high cliffs and rock boulders where one works their way through untouched nature. Countless jumps / dives and numberless natural water slides make this tour truly unique and unforgettable. A great feature is the 20 meter long slide at the end of this stunning tour.

Duration: 5-6 hours (in the Canyon: about 2-3 hours)

Season: May to September